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Use Advanced JPEG Compressor to edit, correct or convert images
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Advanced JPEG Compressor is a photo-editing tool, which allows you to edit and correct images across a wide array of parameters, as well as to convert image files into the JPEG format.

One of the most important features of the application is that, when you change the file size or edit it in any other way, the program allows you to preserve the quality of the original photo or picture without the need to make any supplementary settings. This is possible because, once the photos are modified, Advanced JPEG Compressor does not allow the file you are working on to be compressed anymore, thus preserving its original characteristics.

In addition to this, the application provides a complex set of tools for the correction and editing of images, making it a useful program for managing your image files. Thus, you are able to remove red-eye effects, add watermarks, rotate images, or adjust them by changing their color, brightness, contrast, etc. As far as image conversion is concerned, you may easily achieve it, by simply accessing the Compression toolbar. In that section, you may perform the desired adjustments, until you obtain your desired version of the picture.

To sum it all up, Advanced JPEG Compressor is a moderately complex image processing tool, which encompasses functions for both the editing, and the conversion of images, and which adequately caters to the needs of the average user.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • The preservation of the original picture quality
  • The possibility to remove red eyes effect
  • It supports multiple file types for JPEG conversion
  • User-friendly interface


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